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Welcome To Bitrawr!

Hello! It's Alon Shvartsman and Omri Shabtay. We're here to tell you why we started Bitrawr.

We'll start with a question. How long did it take for you to grasp all the ins and outs of Bitcoin? We're guessing it took a good amount of time. Even for those who can conceptually understand Bitcoin, the journey to buying, transferring and storing that first Bitcoin is unfriendly to beginners.

New users exposed to Bitcoin for the first time are overwhelmed by the difficulties of navigating the various wallets, exchanges, and merchants in the space. We call this the "information gap".

We built Bitrawr to close this information gap surrounding Bitcoin by visualizing just how easy it is to use Bitcoin to both transact and store value, mapping the landscape for both for early adopters and new users alike.

Alon Shvartsman


I'm a Bitcoiner, developer, and surfer that has been fascinated with Bitcoin ever since seeing the movie "Dope" in 2016. My mission is to bring the knowledge that I have acrued over time about Bitcoin to new users alike. With my background in computer science, web programming, and marketing, I set out to build the one-stop shop knowledge resource called Bitrawr.

Omri Shabtay


I'm an artist, developer, and also a surfer, As of recently, a Ruby on Rails full-stack engineer. Proficent in HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Ruby, Rails, and PostgreSQL, I help the technical development at Bitrawr.

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