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The total number of mined bitcoin that are currently circulating on the network

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Bitcoin block reward will decrease from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC
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What is Bitcoin's circulating supply?

Circulating supply refers to the the amount of coins that are currently circulating in the market. The current circulating supply for bitcoin stands at 18.9 million.

Total supply is the entire future supply of coins, which in Bitcoin's case is 21 million, a level that will only be reached in 2140.

  • Due to block reward rounding and only 8 decimals, the total number of BTC to ever be created is 20999999.9769.
  • Spendable Supply refers to the number of bitcoins in the circulating supply that have not been lost (private key lost) or destroyed (sending BTC to invalid addresses) or technical peculiarities (first 50 BTC in the Genesis block are unspendable).

    Spendable supply will always be lower than the theoretical supply and although this number is hard to gauge, it's estimated that around 3.79 million BTC have been lost.

    Market cap is a simple calculation taking the current price of BTC and multiplying it by its circulating supply.

    Circulating supply of coins x Price per coin = Total coin market capitalization

    To calculate the Bitcoin market cap we can take the 18.9 million in circulation and multiply it by the current trading price for 1 BTC.

    Fully diluted market cap measures the market cap with the total coins to ever be created in the calculation.

    The table below calculates these metrics in real time:

    Bitcoin Metric
    Current Price
    Total Supply 21,000,000
    Current Supply
    Market Cap
    Fully Diluted Market Cap
  • Owning 21 of 21,000,000 bitcoin is owning 1 millionth of the total supply, meaning less than 1 million people can own as much as you do.
  • Halving Date Block Block reward Mined in period % mined
    Genesis January 3, 2009 0 50 10,500,00 50%
    Halving 1 November 28, 2012 210,000 25 5,250,000 75%
    Halving 2 July 9, 2016 420,000 12.5 2,625,000 87.5%
    Halving 3 May 11, 2020 630,000 6.25 1,312,500 93.75%
    Halving 4 Expected March 2024 840,000 3.125 656,250 96.875%
    Halving 5 Expected 2028 1,050,000 1.5625 328,125 98.4375%
    Halving 6 Expected 2032 1,260,000 0.78125 164,062.5 99.21875%