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Receive full access to live charts, fully-customizable alerts, personal dashboard, and a powerful API

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“Bitrawr Terminal is a powerful tool for analyzing movements in the Bitcoin ecosystem. From the price models, node map, and legality map, it's the one dashboard that gives you a birds-eye view of the growing network.”
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Colin Aulds


"Terminal alerts helps keep our team updated with metrics we wouldn't be able to have time to track ourselves. The heavy lifting is done for us."

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About the paid subscription

Can I still use the Terminal without signing up?

Yes! You can view the charts and metrics without signing up, you just won't be able to add custom alerts or use the API.

As a subscribed user, what will I be able to do?

When logged in to Terminal you will be able to add as many custom alerts to any chart, receive access to our API, and get access to new charts and metrics.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Sign in to your Terminal account - Go to - Hover over your avatar in the top right corner on the navbar - Click Account - Scroll down to Cancel subscription. When you cancel your subscription it will run until 30 days after your last payment.

How will I receive my alerts?

With Bitrawr Terminal alerts you can create custom alerts for any metric and get notified on a wide variety of activities that may lead to sharp price movements. You can get notifications via email, with Telegram, browser notifications, and SMS notification on the way!

How can I become a Terminal power user?

Using the Terminal's Command + k interface (Press ⌘+K, or Ctrl+K for Windows users), you can navigate the charts, Terminal, and dashboard all through the command menu.

Press K to start →

Where can I find more info on the API?

For general info on how to use Terminal API see our docs. If you have other issues or questions you can contact us.