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Market Cycle Charts

Stock to Flow
Stock to FlowThe ratio of the current stock of bitcoin and flow of new production
Bitcoin Profitable Days
Bitcoin Profitable DaysNumber of days in which holding bitcoin has been profitable
Exchange Reserves
Exchange ReservesTotal amount of coins held on large centralized exchanges
Mayer Multiple
Mayer MultipleMultiple of the current bitcoin price over the 200-day moving average
Satoshi per Dollar
Satoshi per DollarThe amount of satoshis (smallest unit of bitcoin) per USD
Rainbow Chart
Rainbow ChartLogarithmic growth curve depicting long-term Bitcoin price movements using colored bands
Fear and Greed Index Chart
Fear and Greed IndexAnalysis of the Bitcoin market from a sentiment perspective
Yearly Candles
Yearly CandlesYearly BTC candles
Monthly Returns
Monthly Returns HeatmapVisualisation of Bitcoin monthly returns from 2014-2022
Historical Drawdowns
Bitcoin Historical CorrectionsHistoric bitcoin drawdowns from previous all-time highs

Network Charts

Circulating Supply
Circulating SupplyTotal number of mined bitcoin in circulation
Network Difficulty
Network DifficultyGlobal network measure of how difficult it is to mine a new block for the Bitcoin blockchain
Hashrate vs Price
Hashrate vs PriceCorrelation between bitcoin mining hashrate and price
Halving Countdown
Halving CountdownLive countdown to the next bitcoin halving
Difficulty Estimator
Difficulty EstimatorDifficulty estimator and visualization of the current mining epoch circulation

Adoption Metrics

Legality Map
Legality MapLegal status of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by country
Bitcoin Node Map
Bitcoin Node MapConcentration of reachable Bitcoin nodes found around the world
Bitcoin ATM Map
Bitcoin ATM MapExplore over 35,000+ ATM locations near you to buy and sell Bitcoin
Bitcoin ATM Installation Growth
Bitcoin ATM Installation GrowthNumber of global bitcoin ATM machines installed over time
Bitcoin Treasuries
Bitcoin TreasuriesBTC holdings in publicly traded and private companies


Demonetized Currencies
Demonetized CurrenciesList of historical currencies that no longer exist today.
Flippening Index
Flippening IndexThe hypothetical and unlikely event where Ethereum outgrows Bitcoin in its market cap.


Bitcoin Mining Calculator
Bitcoin Mining CalculatorCalculate expected BTC and USD returns using your miner's hash rate, power consumption and electricity cost